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The history and development of the centre from the creation to this date

The centre was created by Dr Vicky Simou, B.A.-MA-Phd in 1979. Ms Simou returned to Greece from the USA after 12 years of studies in Music Therapy and Special Education & Development, family therapy (Palo Alto – MRI and EFTA -European Family Therapy Association). She then created the "Centre for Special Special Education & Development " the first of its kind in Greece. It gave light and direction to many children, parents, researchers and public sector personnell.

Ms Simou would, at the same time:

  • Teach at Maraslio Academy of Special Development – Teachers MA Program.
  • Organised the centre for preventive teaching problems at the Ziridio schools.
  • Homologated and integrated her psychotherapeutic abilities based on the Palo Alto teachings and European Family Therapy training.
  • Research into human relations
  • Authors4 books

Dr Simou creates the "Emotional Research Center & Self Esteem" which is guided by the connection between EQ (Emotional Factor), The Heart and Self Esteem.
The Center offers the following services:

  • Personal councelling, guidance and psychotherapy
  • Group sessions
  • Weekend workshops on subjects related to self development, also with foreign therapists
  • Discourses on a monthly/weekly basis (mostly in Greek)
  • Summer workshops
  • Full term courses for Therapist Certification
  • Public Speaker/Teacher at the C.C. University of the Aegean, dept of counselling, special education and self-esteem
  • Dyslexia Trainings

First International Program on Self Esteem

"Self Esteem Counselors"

  • Two year program on,
    Self Esteem through Pre - adolescence and adolescence
    Education and Self Esteem and Psychotherapy.
  • Aimed at professionals such as psychologists, family therapist, social workers,  teachers professors.
  • N.L.P – Time Line Therapy – Ericksonian Counselors

Accreditation provided from the Aegean State University Counseling Unit and from the Hellenic Association for Self Esteem.



A unique, never before published work, on psychosomatics by

Dr. Narayan Singh Khalsa, PhD
Dr. Vicky Simou, PhD

VOL. |) Addictions & Impulsive behaviour
VOL. ||) Messages from the body
Total 800 pages!


Τηλέφωνο CY: (+357)97890005

GR: (+30)2109627259

SMS: (+30)69779112222

E-mail: simoueq@gmail.com

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